Ok, so you've heard it all before. I also have, people often try to convert me to lesser truth than I have.


Some guy called Jesus died, which is why someone is thinks you need to be saved. This, is not what you want to hear.

Evangelism, is preaching the Gospel, however, the original evangelists said interesting things. They did not coerce anyone into Christianity, did not use letters of recommendation, and were slandered as liars, killed, or hunted down by zealous Jewish people who thought their religion was being abused.


A man named Saint Francis of Assisi said- "Preach the Gospel to all the world, if necessary- use words!"

He was known for bringing people home to God and leading them to trust in his (God's) truth.

Nowadays, evangelism has become a catch phrase for convincing people to be Christian, however in reality, coercion is not encouraged, just the opposite, and preaching was telling the good news, and perhaps backing it up with the old testament, or via other methods. Such as deeds, or logic.

Evil can be said to be the attempt to achieve the same goal as good, but by the wrong methods, or in the wrong context. The way in which something is done, is often a lot more vital than what is achieved. Evil, the bible tells us, cannot create good. God himself works all for the good of his children. Those who are his children, are the saints and others who do good, for it notes that those who continue to live a sinful lifestyle, or to not love, but hate. These, it says do not belong to God. To belong to God is to know him, to not know him is to not know the truth itself.