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From but a humble Layman, who askes that you test his words, and pray for guidance before reading them, and understanding that you may not fall.


Jeremiah chapter 1 verse 4 , 5:


"The word of Yahweh was addressed to me, saying,

'Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;

before you came to birth I consecrated you;

I have appointed you as prophet to the nations'."

Jerusalem Bible


One of the attributes of God, is his power, is the fact that "none can thwart the plans" of the Almighty.


If God is God, is the God - Yahweh, of the Old testament, then indeed, of his prophesies, it is true:


Jeremiah chapter 1 verse 12:

"'Well seen! I too watch over my word to see it fulfilled.'"

Jerusalem Bible


Indeed, God makes no mistakes, there is no error in the Almighty:


"God does not take back his blessings" and again,

Isaiah chapter 48 verse 17:


"Thus, says Yahweh, your redeemer, the Holy One of Israel:

I, Yahweh, your God, teach you what is good for you,

I lead you in the way that you must go."

Jerusalem Bible


Indeed, "there is no dearkness in God", nor are we anything that we should "council him", and if He were hungry, he would not tell us for he "controls all the world" and both Deceiver and Deceived are under his control (Book of Job).


Indeed, sourcery, the strongest weapon of our enemies, is of no use against Israel.


Isaiah chapter 47 verse 12 and 13:

"Keep to your spells then,

And all your sourceries,

for which you have worn yourself out since your youth.

Do you think they will help you?

Do you think they will make anyone nervous?"

Jerusalem Bible


And we understand that it is for his Glory, that he acts as He does, and only by his nature that He restrains his arm against the wicked:


Isaiah chapter 48 verse 8 to 13:

"You had never heard,

you did not know,

I had not opened your ear beforehand;

for I knew how treaterous you were,

and that you have deserved the name of rebel from your birth.


For the sake of my name I deferred my anger,

for the sake of my honour I curbed it; I did not destroy you.

An now I have to put you in the fire like silver,

I have tested you in the furnace of distress.

For my sake and my sake only have I acted -

is my name to be profaned?

Never will I yield my glory to another.


Listen to me Jacob,

Israel whom I have called:

I am the first,

I am the last,

I am the only last.

My hand laid the foundations of earth

and my right hand spread out the heavens.

I summon them and they come together."

Jerusalem Bible


Indeed, it is by faith that we stand, by acting in our trust of God, in love for as God said to the wicked:

Isaiah chapter 7 verse 7 and 9b:

"The Lord Yahweh says this:

It shall not come true; it shall not be.


But if you do not stand by me,

you will not stand at all"'"

Jerusalem Bible

We know also that God can forgive sin, and even did so before Jesus' time:

Isaiah chapter 6 verse 7:

"with this he touched my mouth

and said

'see now, this has touched your lips,

your sin is taken away,

your inequity is purged'."

Jerusalem Bible


yet note that this forgiveness came with a sign, as the rainbow with it's seven colours, appeared after the flood. Some say that the rainbow only has six colours, even as most can only expirience 6 of the seven miracles, shown with the sign, and performed by Jesus directly. "Likewise, this flood was an example of the baptism that now saves us" (1 Peter 3:21).


Indeed, none can compare, nor attack God, and their curses, and wrongs fall on themselves, who appose the righteous (proverbs chapter 1 verse 18 and 19). And, to live, one must heed the advise of our God, who's name is wisdom (see Proverbs 2 verse 1 and 6 and 7 and 8).


and the "man of discernment will aquire the art of guidance. the fear of Yahweh is the beginning of knowledge; fools spurn wisdom and disciplin." (extract from proverbs chapter 1 verse 5 to 7).


Indeed, as "Love is not happy with evil, but is happy with truth" (extract from the first letter of st. Paul to the Corrinthians chapter 13) , and as it is for love that we are disciplined by God, and those who are not disciplined are not legitimate children (epistle to the Hebrews),

Therefore, we know that it is not an Idle, or inactive God we serve, but a "consuming fire" (epistle of James) and that he will consume all whose deeds are evil (Hebrews chapter 4 verse 11, James chapter  5 verse 20, sencond Peter chapter 2 and 3), and that the self confident will be wiped away (James chapter 5) for their sins, and that friendship to our world, is emnity to God (James chapter 4 verse 4 - 12) and that only by his power are any forgiven (verse 12). Also, to judge a christian wrongly is most incorrect (james chapter 4 verse 11).


Indeed, faith, that is not obedient in good works, and in obedience to God, and to his Authority cannot itself, be relied on for salvation (James chapter 2 verse 14)

Also, disunity among Christian brothers is a great evil (James chapter 4) and ambition can block prayers, for wrong motives. God, indeed, is a God of order, of Truth, and words alone cannot overcome reality, but only hide from it.


Indeed, some were placed as prophets, others as teachers, others as healers. Can the foot see, or the eye walk? Surely, if we do not preserve our adequate place, and take that of another, can we be serving God, and if not God, then who. Indeed, the only pit we dig is our own, as the scripture rightly says, and he who does not gather scatters. Not all are evangelists, not all are supposed to speak, but to scatter, is not to fail to evangelise, but to step out of our place. Indeed, humility is not lowliness, but rather that mind which knows his position, and the soul who stands where God desires him. Indeed, to not watch our language, and our words, to use to many or too few, is a sign of inperfect religion (James chapter 3), and it is the wise who preserves his toungue, "even a fool appears wise if he holds his toungue" (proverbs).


Indeed, it is true, which says "Pure, unspoilt religion, in the eyes of God our Father is this: coming to the aid of orphans and widows when they need it, and keeping oneself uncontaminated by the world." (St. James, James chapter 1 verse 27) and can spoilt religion come to such aid, and if it does, can evil produce good, or a fig tree produce olives.


Indeed, it is the wicked, who take not heed of authority ( First Peter chapter 2 verses 13 - 24), and that which God created is to be respected (first Peter chapter 3), and all will have to answer to the greator authority (first Peter chapter 4 verse 5 and 6).


Indeed, it was obediance that originally saved the Christian, having been baptised after hearing the word, knowing that it was not the water of the baptism, but the obediance of performing it, that saved (first Peter Verse 21), and those who did not pass through the "baptism" of the ark, who did not die to society, to pridefull self interest, these, for not having faith in the voice Noah obeyed, these were washed away. Their insults, or proofs that a flood was not to come, their jeers, and lies, and self delusion, is why we only honour eight survivors, of all the world. Surely, should we not be obedient, like the eight, should we ignore the voice of Noah, for we could not invent our Gospel, for we are slaves to obedience, and no longer to human nature (second Peter chapter 1 verses 12 to 18) and yet (verse 20), they spoke not as themselves, who prophesied, and nor is it to the individual mind, as what was said, was not for man to interpret as he willed, as for the wicked- for whatever their words , or interpretation against the Godly(second peter chapter 2 verses 3, 7, 9), their disrespect for Godly authority (second peter verse 10) led them to the desires of sin, and the punishment will swiftly find them, on the Day, that it is held back for. I speak now of those who disobeyed, who ignored the prophets, and apostles, the ambassadors of God, or followed not the truth spoken, but their own interpretation of it, for Heaven is not about word, or food, but about Righteousness, Love, Power and God. Words are only as worthwhile as those who utter them. Indeed, they tresspass where they are not allowed, where the wise take heed and hide. They may have been safe, or saved once, but they returned to the vomit, and ate it (second Peter chapter 2 verses 20 to 22). It is unwise to talk of that you do not know. To insult or attack, that you have not expirienced, or to follow those who speak against that they do not understand. For Their promise of freedom (from the need to obey), leads to slavery to the flesh.


For all the earth will fade to flame (second Peter chapter 3 verse 13) and we should therefore, in constant reverence and fear, live separate from the evils of our world, even as the saints did (see second Peter verse 11), waiting for the promised salvation, that we hope will one day be ours, for we hope and yearn for it. What we have is temporary. We long for salvation, we long for purity, because, we are not yet secure in it. We only have the promise of it to those who endure (second Peter chapter 3 verses 11 to 18).


Indeed, the untrained, and unbalanced, distaught the scrioptures (verse 16), but their cleverness, their craftiness, of turning scripture to their desires, rather than hearing just authority, leads to their eternal death (verse 16). Indeed, they willfully forget what the prophets said, and take one part of the scripture, with carnal minds, or a single verse, against its context, and the truth, and forgetting that the message is not words but spirit, they rely on words instead of God (verse 5), but these people, have always met their destruction (verse 7, 10).


And so, knowing, that those who obey the Law, are those who love, and those who love, are those who keep his message (first John chapter 2 verse 3, 4) and that it is only in the act to "daily carry" our own cross of obedience, that we know that we are in God.


So, when history records but one church, and as all the evidence is for a church of but a single body. As, "anyone who claims to be in the light but hates his brother is still in the dark. But anyone who loves his brother is living in the light and need not be afraid of stumbling ( first John chapter 2 verse 9 and 10) and the man in the darkness, does not know where he is (verse 11).


Indeed, the body of Christ is one, the church a single body of unity, without rivalries of pride or evil. For "Those rivals of Christ came out of our own number, but they had never really belonged; if they had belonged, they would have stayed with us; but they left us, to prove that not one of them ever belonged to us" (first John 2 verse 19).


Therefore, all "whose life is righteous has been begotten by him" (first John chapter 2 verse 29)


and we know that they "do not acknowledge us, because they did not acknowledge him" (first John chapter 3 verse 1), but the world does not understand us, or him, for "to lead a sinful life is to belong to the devil" (verse 8) and to live a holy life is to be holy.


Therefore, we should not continue to think in worldly terms, or bring unfounded accusations against just authority, for we are to obey God over men, and the man of God, over the unjust. If God prophesied via the High Priest, who ordered his cruxifixtion, then who are we to judge the Just authority he placed above us. Who are we to judge the Holy, Catholic and Apostolic church? We are no one, that we should even attempt such. The message is not the doing away with of obedience, but the salvation from slavery to the enemy. follow the command, love your fellow man as yourself, treat all as another self. Do not trust every so-called messaenger of God. You know Simonry, that profitting on spiritual things. You know that our enemies pretend even to be angels, all the more, they adopt our name, that they may, for pride, blaspheme God, via acts of disobedience. God alone is our teacher. Our conscience is not the Devil, but God himself instituted it. Also, God cannot have lied, when he prophesied that the "Gates of hell" would not overcome his church, and if the church was one (third John- entire letter), a church, where the leaders are but servants of the flock (Gospel of Mark chapter 10 verses 41 - 45), then suely, those who sell in the Temple of God (Gospel of Mark chapter 11 verse 15 to 18), but do not belong there, they are "robbers and thieves" (Jesus of Nazareth), therefore, have nothing to do with those who abuse the Christian name, for the "teacher" is more harshly judged, and he who teaches others to sin, is walking on hot lava (Gospel of Mark verses 38 to 40). It is for their pride, which is disgusting to God, and their false righteousness, that they will be more punished.


Indeed, with the little virtue you have, obey the Lord, for that little is much, considering what you have (Gospel of Mark verses 41 to 44). Many will come claiming His authority (Gospel of Mark chapter 13 verse 5 to 7), but follow only the familiar voice of God. And the righteous must be mocked in their own time.


Surely, pray "God's will, not mine", ask him to purify you in his fire, to clear your ,mind in the fog of sin, and in such, obey. Ask God, not man- where you belong, and leave those blind leaders, they themselves are used, and will get their just wages for good and bad. Yet obey those who are just, and in that, justly placed over you, and just in their command.


Ask God, if I tell the truth. Surely, obey the church of God, let the sinner continue to sin, if he listens not, but do not ignore the justice of the oppressed. Do not follow the way of the sinner, though all, at times can speak what God gives as wisdom, look only to the donkey of Balaam.