Belief and reality and noteworthy things

One is capable of choosing to believe something false, we call this self-delusion, but is also capable of falsely believing watery foundations, without intentionally sinning.

Belief, in the Greek of the bible, refers to belief, trust, as well as obedience. The antonym of belief, is disobedience.

Here, is the vitality of such, our every action is based on our view of reality. We act, as we see best, based on our beliefs. How we view the world, condemns and saves us in our actions.

(Marc Evan Aupiais, on the 19th day of the 3rd month of 2008)

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"Reality exists, and is sentient, because we are real, and are sentient- Reality is eternal, because all things can either exist, or not exist, but existence is always required. God, is Reality- or Reality is God. Otherwise- such relies on Reality... Reality is God."-

Marc Aupiais

If God is not Existence, reality- then He needs reality to Exist, and therefore is not God.

If We are real- manifest of reality-

then if we are sentient-

then we cannot be greater than existence in this.

Jesus' life is a paradox- he either is God, a madman, or an evil thing- but his discription does not fit the other two, and ultimately- our belief is either powerful- from the true sources on him, or weak.


Christian facts as to the Catholic viewpoint

"Yeshua (Jesus) asked us to believe in him, not simply trust in him, this is vital- because belief is assent, based on trusting the source, in relation to the message. Those who believe his message- have to act- those who simply trust an illusion- have no guarentee- because they truly trust themselves."

Marc Aupiais

(belief- in greek meaning belief, obedience, and trust- to separate any one,

as though independent is illogical- if one believes- they act as they see things).

"Yeshua (Jesus) asked us to believe in him, true,

he also said that we would be punished harshly if we cause others to sin, or sin ourselves.

Sin, is action, whether thoughts, words, perceptions, or their results- actions, contrary to this assent to the facts. A man who sins, doubts God's promise,

a harsh sin, constitutes a harsh denial.


Some erroneous oppinions are:

Objector's view:"Faith is blind"

Faith is never blind. It is assent that something is true, by trusting the source, as far as it is worthy of hearing with trust, and rating the believability of a statement based on this, and on what appears. We trust our inners, and the voice of God, on God. God is infinitely trustworthy, and eternal, and in the right position to be telling truth- so, we choose to believe... otherwise we should call faith assumption, not belief, or credence alone. Rather- it is a choice, to trust a source, given the facts, but where God should be believed whatever the facts, because he is Reality. He essensially is the essence or, but I say this wearily as in- I do not mean to say he is sin, if sin is a fact, but mean what I say now  more loosely: "God is the facts , so far as those that matter- because God is!"


objector's view:"make me righteous God- but not just yet!" 

It is incorrect, as it denies either God's ability, methods, or his intentions in any given situation, or place. Yes, God may have plans- which compensate for sinful action, but doing evil to achieve good- lies on us, and is not God's choice if we take it away from Him.


objector's view:"Belief is once off"

This may well seem right, but is illogical, as views change,

further, yet- as the Bible says "God is" ("He Is - Yahweh"), not "He was", as though he is not now. Also- it notes that God condemns good which becomes evil, and saves bad peoples which become right with him through changing, and right procedure.

 in the bible it is used as we use running, not ran, or swimming, not swam- when we speak of true belief. Belief is a current state.


objector's view:"Belief is trust, and not assent!"

Belief is an act of trust, but is more substantial than trust.


objector's view:"There is no sin!!!"

I answer, as does the bible- "He who says he has no sin walks in darkness!". and that the "clear difference" between being Good, and in salvation, and evil, is our deeds ((1 John 3 v 10)),

Logically-Even if only considered as mistakes, there are less moral acts- God places one command as first, and another second- to sin against one is harsher, and "Faith without deeds is dead". To deny sin, is to deny the ability to be holy. "Every man's path is right in his own eyes" (A proverb), but not all are.


objector's view:"I am Saved because I believed, why must I persevere?"

I answer- Perseverance is a requirement directly listed by Jesus. Faith- in Jesus' Message, as formed in love- is how grace acts, however. See also the reply to objector 3's comments.

Objector's falacy:"Sacraments are not acts of faith"

Reply: the bible clearly states that faith is action- as seen in Abraham's action, and that we are judged by these actions. Further- it is the act of good conscience in baptsim that saves- Sacrament coming from sacramentum- a roman ceremony of allegiance. See Bible on Baptism. Faith- as seen in Abraham- was action in believing God. God also counts what we would do given circumstance, but we must not be foolish, and sin- for what we would do- means what we would do with knowledge, and ability, and having not strayed and stayed of our own fault into mortal sinfulness.


Our salvation is a gift, and inhereted life, but while it cannot be earned- one can earn a issue- disinhereted."

Marc Aupiais


"11 My dear friend, never follow a bad example, but keep following the good one; whoever does what is right is from God, but no one who does what is wrong has ever seen God. " 3 rd letter of John John - New Jerusalem Bible

"James 2:14. "What shall it profit, my brethren, if a man say he hath faith, but hath not works? Shall faith be able to save him?"" Duay Rheims bible on  -  HOLY BIBLE: James 2

"Faith does not mean we are not to obey, but rather, we who know God, are we who obey God. (Read the book of the 1st letter of st. John in the bible)"

Marc Aupiais

"It has been said that faith alone saves, therefore – that sacraments are not needed. I say, rather, that it is not true; rather one cannot have true faith, without the acting of God. None can come, unless the father calls them. I say, however, that faith is an act of man. Grace is the bases of faith, but grace must be replied to in order to gain salvation. This reply must be done in obedience. Grace produces Faith, hope and love, and we know (1 Corinthians 13) that faith without love is worth nothing. He who loves God knows God. Those who know God Obey his commands (1John 2 v 3). Only those who do what is right belong to God (1 John 3 v 10), for love is only love, if it is active (1 John 3 v 18), and the difference between children of God and the devil is in their deeds (1 John 3 v 10), for this is the “clear difference” (previous two quoted from text). Love, of course, is shown in faith, in obedience and love (1 John 3 verse 23), and in belief in who Christ is, and in his message, and nature." Read On ... Marc Aupiais


One must note


"It is not doctrine (alone), or assumptions, or words, that we preach, when we speak of this Jesus, who we True Christians believe, is not only the Incarnation of God, but also his Son. "


"1 Peter 3:21-22
"1 Peter 3:21-22
21 and this water symbolizes baptism that now saves you also--not the removal of dirt from the body but the pledge of a good conscience toward God. It saves you by the resurrection of Jesus Christ, 22 who has gone into heaven and is at God's right hand--with angels, authorities and powers in submission to him. "Niv Bible Translation

1John 3 from Good News Bible


23 What he commands is that we believe in his Son Jesus Christ and love one another, just as Christ commanded us. 24 Those who obey God's commands live in union with God and God lives in union with them. And because of the Spirit that God has given us we know that God lives in union with us. 


And especially

"James 2:14. "What shall it profit, my brethren, if a man say he hath faith, but hath not works? Shall faith be able to save him?"" Duay Rheims bible on  -  HOLY BIBLE: James 2

therefore I have qoted on 26 of september, having relooked at the matter.


Are following the way of truth, and protected by God, heading for Home, so long as we don't forget to do our part.


Deeds and faith are married, for the Christian, as Love (Christians call this the virtue of Charity) hope and Faith are devinely interconnected.

It is not possible to obey God and love, 'cept in faith, for what is impossible to man is possible, if not easy for God. Jesus could not have gone to the cross 'cept in love, for love is obediance, yet it is for love that he obeyed, and his love that caused his holy deeds, and miracles, yet without faith, he could not have obeyed, and without hope, he may have given in.


Faith and deeds are entirely tied. We act as we believe. We may fall, yet God makes us stand, or stand agan. Yet, our faith that believes in the resurrection, should not shy away at the less comfortable promises. We should always sow in the spirit, in Godliness, good deeds, which maintain faith, and in Love, wich we daily learn of God, and in Charity to others with our time, and love, and the virtue also, rather than in hedenism, that persuit of self, that forgets that he who gains his life loses it and that he who loses His life daily for God, gains eternal life. For Saint Fransis was eternally right in the truth, that we should not so much seek to have as to give of self."


An article refuting the fallacy of solar fide is the following


That is not to say that faith plays no role, but rather, that through faith God saves, but that faith is dead without deeds, and in believing the message, one acts appropriately.  Faith alone is not our salvation, rather grace, which we can ask, and follow, and accept, rather, God, is our saviour.